Employment Services

We offer an empowering, customized employment program to assist individuals of all skill levels who are living with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder competitive integrated employment.

  • Customized assessments, including situational assessments and vocational evaluations to learn skills and strengths and how to apply them to any individual’s area of interest
  • Individualized review and discussion of assessment to identify the right career track
  • Job development and coaching
  • Assistance provided every step of the way from a personal Employment Specialist
  • Job readiness, identifying and searching for jobs, and interviewing skills
  • Making the right match between the employer’s needs and the candidate’s abilities
  • On-the-job coaching

Home and Community Services

  • Home-based habilitation
    Receive assistance and training that empowers you to develop the skills you need to live as independently as possible.
  • Personal care services
  • Strengthen your ability to care for yourself in the home or community.
  • Companion services
    We supervise and assist with daily living activities to ensure your safety.
  • Community integration
    We empower you to participate in volunteer opportunities, educational and recreational offerings of interest to you, and other meaningful community activities.
  • Respite services
    “Respite” refers to short term, temporary care provided to people with disabilities in order that their families can take a break from the daily routine of caregiving. Unlike child care, respite services may sometimes involve overnight care for an extended period of time.